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Sergeev, V.D “Nikolai "Apollonovich Charushin: a nationalist, public figure, publisher, local historian. To the 150th anniversary, Vyatka.” Kirov branch of the Moscow Humanitarian Economic Institute. 2001.  Part of this book was translated 'My eyes are on Urga' pp.46-59 by this website (, if there is any concerns about the translation text, please contact us). 

Tatiana Saburova"A Generation of Revolutionaries, Nikolai Charushin and Russian Populism from the Great Reforms to Perestroika", 2017


He was expelled to Siberia. He lived in Khakhta, which was named as Troitskosavsk at that time. It seemed he sold photographs as souvenirs. Some travelers or researchers brought back those photographs to home country. For example, the album "Виды Забайкалья и Иркутска (View of the Trans-Baikal and Irkutsk)" by Charushin is stored by the library of congress in U.S. Or, A. O. Heikel collection includes some of Charushin's photos at  the Picture Collections of Maritime Museum of Finland


The library of congress in U.S,+nikola%C4%AD+apollonovich

Full resolution photographs are available.  

Original link of his album, "Виды Забайкалья и Иркутска (View of the Trans-Baikal and Irkutsk)